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Ervocom RPS 2156-2 Pager set

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Ervocom RPS 2156-2 Referee paging set

Revised Version / Improved Technology

- Increased transmission security and range optimization through new high-end transceiver modules

- Easy pairing of flags and pagers with mutual compatibility

- Bi-directional communication between referees and assistants

- Communication security and message confirmation

- Better energy efficiency through lower power consumption

- Signaling pitch and volume can be set individually for each flag

- Three different pitches of the pager with two volume levels

- Freely expandable system up to 10 flags


- Different tone and vibration for assistant judge 1 + 2

- 3 levels of acoustic signal (loud / medium / off)

- Acoustic battery check on power on

- Optical battery level indicator during the game

- The device will turn off after 50 minutes if there is no radio signal

- Hard rubber housing with plastic bottom plate

- Power source: standard 9 volt block battery


- Original b+d flag with rotating element

- Special soft grip, weather resistant grip system

- Vibrations can also be felt in the handle

- Power source: standard 9 volt block battery. Carrying/protective case.