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b+d Card Sticker Combi-Set

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b+d Card sticker set + Red and Yellow card

Optimal use on the red and yellow cards. The sticker is glued to the Disciplinary Card before the game and can be used as an additional note card during the game. After the match, the foil is easy to remove and glued to the game report. If marked in pencil, the notes on the sticker can be erased and the film reused.

Adhesive foil/sticker to stick the disciplinary cards

- Ideal supplement to the game note card

Works best with a pencil 

-11.5 cm x 8.5 cm.

-Easy to remove

Yellow card:

They are used to determine the number, time and nature of the infringement.

Red card:

Illustration of the playing field to record the place of the infringement, a number of the back, time and type of offence.

On the "Card-Sticker", are listed below each type of violations with abbreviations.

Example: F1- gross foul play, F2 violence etc.

These abbreviations simplify the entries of the reasons for the disciplinary action.


Consisting of:

15x stickers for disciplinary card neon yellow

5x stickers for disciplinary card neon red

1x discipline card neon yellow

1x discipline card neon red


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