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Spintso Ref Watch 2S Grey

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Spintso Referee Watch Pro

Settings for Referee Watch Pro:

Referee Watch PRO is the most advanced Referee Watch on the market. Before match you program numbers of periods, minutes of playing time and period break time. By pressing the start button, you automatically start all four time functions who work together in one system. During match you only use start/stop button. A strong vibrator alarm reminds you every start and stop occasion, every 10 seconds when time is stopped, to start the watch again, when period is ended and when period break time is ended, telling you its time to start next period.

The second period counts from where the first stayed, for example from 45 to 90 minutes.

Settings for Referee Watch PRO 

  • Number of periods (1-9)
  • Number of minutes for the period (1-99)
  • Number of minutes for the period break (1-99)

Four game watches work automatically together in one system during the match

  1. Counting up (rolls all the time)
  2. Counting down (stops when you stop the watch)
  3. Counting additional time (starts when you stop the match time)
  4. One watch for break time

A vibration alarm will remind the referee every start and stop occasion

What means water resistans? 30m, 50m, 100m & 200m?

  • 30m is the same as 3ATM. The watch can handle drops of water.
  • 50m (5ATM) means the watch can handle short periods in water (shower).
  • 100m (10ATM) means you can swim with it but not dive.
  • 200m (20ATM), means you can dive with the watch on. 
  • Spintso Referee Watch Pro is valid for 50m/5ATM.