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  • FOX40 Whistle and watch (black)
    FOX 40 Scheidsrechtersfluitje met horloge (zwart) - ArbitroStore
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Referee Watch

Today's referee cannot do without a referee watch. You can easily keep track of time and manage your matches even better with a referee watch.

One of the most critical aspects that a referee should consider during a match is time. As a referee, you are responsible for keeping time; the start, intermission, and end. You will never lose track of time during a match with a good referee watch. That is why, in addition to referee whistles and various other accessories, we have included referee watches in the ArbitroStore range.

ArbitroStore has chosen the Spintso brand. This is because they offer high-quality referee watches. We currently have three types of referee watches from the Spintso brand in the ArbitroStore range: The Spintso Pro, the Spintso 2S and the Spintso 2X.

Is your favourite referee watch not (yet) in the ArbitroStore range? Let us know at, and we'll get to work for you!